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TRU>TEST™ Durometer

TRU>TEST™ Durometer

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Measures the hardness of “soft” surfaces, such as printing rollers.

Regular use of a durometer detects bad printing rollers before they cause print quality problems. Old rollers that have been used in alcohol dampening systems for extended periods of time may have become too hard to function properly.

Use this simple, accurate device to determine if excessively hard rollers are causing your problems.

Specially Designed
using the latest in Computer-Aided-Design technology to provide accurate, consistent readings on printing press rollers. The orientation of the gauge read-out and the indicator point are such that you can take readings of the rollers in the printing press with ease.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials. The body of the gauge, which encases the precision components, is made of Delrin. All parts are machined to the highest tolerances to assure long trouble free life. The dial indicator is a precision device with a movable scale that will allow you to preset the face to read zero when doing multiple checks.

* Measures Shore A hardness
* Designed to ASTM standards for maximum accuracy
* State of the art Delrin body and stainless steel mechanism are precision machined to aerospace specifications
* Housed in a hand-crafted wooden box
* Lifetime Warranty