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Techkon SpectroDens 4
Techkon SpectroDens 4

Techkon SpectroDens 4

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All-in-one. The SpectroDens 4 spectrodensitometer (combined color spectrophotometer and color densitometer) will help you control your process, spot, Pantone® or other critical brand colors by measuring solid ink density, % dot area, CIE Lab, deltaE, and more. Offers press operators and ink technicians precision color control, wherever and whenever they need it.

Visible Aperture - No Guesswork
A patented, side-mounted aperture, allows the operator to more easily position the optics over the desired color measurement location while providing visual confirmation.

Best Color Match
InkCheck™ feature helps press operators minimize color differences (deltaE’s) by providing specific density adjustments to achieve best possible color match.

Quick Measurement of Process & Spot Colors
The all-in-one SpectroDens 4 helps you control your process, spot, Pantone® & other critical brand colors by measuring solid ink density, % dot area, CIE Lab, deltaE, and more.

Achieve G7 Compliance
GrayGuide™ feature displays G7 pass/fail indication and specific CMYK density adjustments to obtain grayscale values according to G7 specification.

Scans Quick for Proof Verification
Scan control wedge in seconds to confirm proofs against 12647-7 and known datasets like GRACol, SWOP3, SWOP5, IFRA, UGRA/FOGRA, G7™, and other alternatives.

Desktop Software Included
Create, edit, and manage color libraries, import/export color data, generate pass/fail QC reports, and manage instrument, all with SpectroConnect.

Wireless Connectivity
Uses Wi-Fi to connect with your PC for faster communication speeds, enhanced security, and ultimate network connectivity and range.

3 Models Available:
Basic - essential density functions
Advanced - density & spectral functions
Premium - all of the above + color bar scanning

Included with purchase:
3mm Aperture (1.5mm aperture is available at additional cost, $500)

QUESTION:  Does it measure similar to my X-Rite instruments?
Yes. The TECHKON SpectroDens calibration correlates to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) master color standards and metrology for “plug & play” measurement agreement with other popular instruments including the eXact.

QUESTION: How accurate is it? NIST Certified?
Yes. National Institute of Standards & Technology Certified. 

QUESTION: What about G7 and ISO?
The SpectroDens 4 fulfills M0, M1, M2, M3 color measurement conditions in accordance to ISO 13655 and supports ISO and G7® methodologies.