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Techkon ChromaQA

Techkon ChromaQA

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ChromaQA is a powerful color quality software solution that enables a more predictable and repeatable print manufacturing process to ensure your presses are delivering perfect results every time. You’ll reduce the number of re-makes and recognize a significant savings in ink and paper by detecting color problems early.

All the tools you need to create, import, measure and monitor printed color, on press or off. 

Create users, groups of users (e.g. for different locations), and user roles which define the modules that can be accessed (e.g. “pressroom” role can only run jobs and cannot change any specifications or settings).  


Enter the job information, including client’s color specifications and all print tolerances. You can create your own color standards or import color data in various formats.

You determine what the colors are and how close they must be to match!

  • Delta E
  • PANTONE spot colors
  • Custom spot colors
  • 4- and 7-color process colors
  • Grey balance
  • Dot gain (TVI)
  • Trap

Specifications Module entry screen - Create custom color bars!

A series of wizard screens will step the user through the process to create a new print color QA job template. A color bar is created, aim or target color reference values are assigned, tolerances are defined, and key reporting metrics are selected. Job template creation is typically assigned to the prepress department so it is done more efficiently and accurately than in the pressroom.

Retrieve the job, on press, start taking measurements
, and let ChromaQA automatically show you how to achieve the target values.

Press Module Screen - The Screen the Operator Uses

The pressman can select a print job and scan the color bar. This brings up a dashboard showing the specific color and density adjustments to meet the job specifications. Additional report tabs for solids & spots, tints, overprints, G7, substrate, and scorecard allow a further drill down to look at details of color deviations. 

Continue to spot check color quality throughout press run, using instant pass/fail feedback to maintain perfect quality.

ChromaQA incorporates Techkon’s InkCheck technology which provides press operators with specific ink density adjustments to minimize color differences (deltaE’s) and provide a “best match” to the target color. InkCheck also predicts the ∆E expected AFTER making recommended density adjustments. This lets the press operator know if density adjustments alone will get to an acceptable color match.

Use automated reports to show your customer they’re getting exactly what they specified.

Enjoy the feeling of success as repeat business rolls in.


ChromaQA connects all members of a printing team. The Ink Kitchen can define & manage color assets, Prepress can create & set job specifications, the Pressroom can measure color bars from live jobs & view pass/fail, and the QA Department can design internal & customer reports.

ChromaQA is flexible enough to benefit any size of print operation, from a smaller printer with a single press to large enterprises with multiple printing locations.