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BetaColor S4 Xpress Densitometer
BetaColor S4 Xpress Densitometer

BetaColor S4 Xpress Densitometer

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S4 XPress Automatic LED Densitometer with Auto Gray Balance

The BetaColor S4 XPress is a compact, portable, automatic Color Densitometer that helps the pressman get to OK color more quickly. It offers the most complete and automatic feature set available. Subtle color changes in print appearance are automatically detected and the operator is given the necessary correction in less than one second.

Frequent calibration due to deterioration of tungsten lamps and heat-sensitive filters is eliminated. The innovative, elevated target sighting arm insures that no contact is made with the printed surface; it never touches the wet ink surface.

Includes a FREE BetaMag 12x Magnifier with LED - $109 Value!


  • Automatic density and dot gain (3-levels)
  • Gray balance and trapping rotation
  • Pantone and Spot Color matching.
  • Automatically switches modes, eliminating the need for the operator to memorize menus or button sequences.
  • Unique "Traffic Light" system shows the operator if they are in or out of tolerance, and the correction needed
  • High efficiency LED illumination eliminates the need for recharging and cumbersome adapters while providing over 1,000,000 measurements from two AA batteries.
  • Check digital proofs and digital prints, large-format output and labels, offset, flexo, gravure, and screen process easily and accurately
  • 3.5mm Aperture


Light Source: RGB LED's, 45/0° geometry

Aperture: 3mm standard, 2mm or 1mm optional

Range: 0.00 - 2.50D

Dot Area - 1% to 100%

Measuring Speed: 0.5 seconds, Linearity ± 1%

Target Recognition: Automatic Infrared Detection

Graphical Display: 160x80 pixels, 4 gray levels

Batteries: (2) AA alkaline, >500,000 measurements

Serial Interface: USB

Polarization: Optional

Dimensions: 6.9x3x1.9 inches, (175x76x47mm)