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Manage your color standards
Color info at your fingertips
Match colors faster with Ink Check
Create custom reports
Trend graphs for long press runs
Visualize color differences
Web-Based Reporting
All colors at a glance

Techkon ChromaQA LITE

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$ 2,700.00
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Simplified Spot Color Matching with ChromaQA LITE

Designed for small to mid-sized packaging printers who want a more affordable solution that is easy to deploy in the pressroom and helps get press operators up to color faster and stay that way throughout the press run. Provides press operators with color matching feedback that's easy to understand, actionable and with clear pass/fail indicators.

Includes all of the features of ChromaQA INK and adds pressroom functionality, too!

ChromaQA INK  ChromaQA LITE
Import color standards from CxF X X
Measure physical samples to create new standards X X
Organize in Book/Library hierarchy X X
Create and attach meta data tags to color standards X X
See spectral, CIELab, & CIELCh, and measurement conditions for standards X X
Search for colors by name, Tags, and ∆E tolerance X X
Perform QC checks on new batches of ink X X
Export color standards as CxF or download to the SpectroDens X X
Support connection to PantoneLIVE X X
Create job templates containing color standards and tolerances X
InkCheck feature shows density adjustments to achieve lowest ∆E X
CIELab/CIELCh color differences plots X
Trend graphs to monitor performance of long press runs X
Supports SpectroDens handheld spectrophotometer X
Supports popular 3rd party spectrophotometers X
Customized job reports X
Web-based reporting that produces line, bar, and pie charts of color data across multiple jobs X

Looking for more functionality in the pressroom? G7 Process Verification, MIS integration, color bar scanning and more? Take a look at ChromaQA SUITE

Minimum System Requirements:

• Microsoft Windows® 7, Microsoft Windows® 8.1, or Microsoft Windows® 10
• x64 Processor: 1.4 GHz
• 1GB of available disk space
• Monitor resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels or higher
• Powered USB port
• Internet connection