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Krosstex Shop Towels
Krosstex Shop Towels

Krosstex Shop Towels

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Flexo press operators! Do not wipe flexo plates with recycled shop rags or remnants from the local garment factory. Those are fine for press wash-up, wiping hands, and wiping up spills, but using them to wipe plates is risky due to potential contaminants that can scratch plate surfaces or introduce contaminants onto your plate surfaces and into your ink. Ever notice that the folks making plates don’t use shop rags? Neither should you!

Specifically designed to help remove contaminants from all surfaces.

These wipes will reduce ink build-up and feedback in your dampening system. Unlike Shop Rags from rental towel companies, these wipes are free from left over cleaning solutions and debris that can leave behind residue. Using KrossTex Shop Towels in critical areas on and around your press will improve ink/water balance, reduce make-ready times, and save money by reducing paper waste.

KrossTex™ Heavy Duty Shop Towels are an excellent alternative to rental rags, and other disposable wipes on the market today. Made to feel like a shop rag; you will feel and see the difference.

  • STRONGER - Unique Cross-Lapping Process, creates exceptional cross-directional strength and durability
  • POWERFUL - Three-Dimensional textured design gives this wipe more scrubbing power
  • THICKER - Extra thick fabric for that shop rag feel and performance
  • EXTRA ABSORBENT - 20% more than the competition
  • LOW LINT - Can be used in critical/delicate applications
  • EFFECTIVE - More surface area to hold and trap debris, removing ink and other contaminants quickly and easily

Protecting the Worker
Disposable wipes can also provide worker safety benefits because they are consistently clean and free from contamination. Rental shop towels that are laundered often contain residual substances, including metal shavings, solvents, oil and grease. Workers are then exposed to these substances, creating health or safety concerns.



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