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Betaflex PRO 2 Flexo Plate Analyzer
Betaflex PRO Flexo Plate Analyzer

Betaflex PRO 2 Flexo Plate Analyzer

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BETAFLEX PRO 2 Flexo Plate & Image Analyzer for HD Flexo & Stochastic Screening

Measure and Control 0.5% Highlights at 300 lpi & Better
Technology for Today's Flexo - Excellence in Image Analysis & Process Control

From the experienced BetaFlex user, to the new entry level beginner, Beta's 3rd generation BetaFlex Pro 2, delivers the same user friendly analysis for the user at every level, while adding new and technically innovative features to what has become the industry standard for flexographic image analysis,  while also maintaining affordability.

The Problem:  

Process variability and inconsistent results = wasted time and material

The Solution: 

The BetaFlex PRO 2 system simplifies process control through a familiar interface, offering unparalleled accuracy and a powerful toolbox of functions.

The Benefits:

Detect process variations BEFORE expensive errors propagate through the system.  Automatic data collection, plotting, and statistical analysis keeps the operator informed and the process on target. The built-in calibration function and target system provides maximum accuracy and inter-instrument agreement across your plant and around the world. 

HD Flexo, stochastic screening, and all the most sophisticated prepress techniques can be measured and controlled with ease and accuracy.

What's NEW with BetaFlex Pro 2:

4 Focus Levels for even sharper images of the plate and down to the plate floor

New Electronics and Microprocessor Technology - field upgradeable firmware & new  LED technology with more powerful illumination

Reflection Illumination Including RGB Illumination from two sides and IR illumination for
black ink separation

New Transmission LED's for improved inter-instrument agreement

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