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PANTONE Formula Scale 3
PANTONE Formula Scale 3

PANTONE Formula Scale 3

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Designed for making and mixing medium to large ink batches of Pantone Colors, the Formula Scale 3 is perfect for larger size printers and frequent spot color users.

PANTONE Formula Scale 3

Weighs up to 10 pounds or 5 kg of Ink

Standard Model for accurate mixes up to 10 pounds or 5 kg of ink in any PANTONE Solid Color.

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3 has a host of advanced features:

* Programmed for ALL PANTONE Solid Colours including Metallics & Pastels
* NEW - now includes PANTONE Goe™System Colour Range
* Large backlit display with detailed information
* Indicator bar showing progress of each base ink addition
* Dual operation - kg & lbs
* Proven performance
* 10 lb/5 kg Ink Mixing Capacity

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3 comes programmed with ALL the formulas contained in the standard PANTONE Formula Guide (including metallics & fluorescents), and the latest colors in both the PANTONE Metallic Formula Guide and the PANTONE Pastel Formula Guide.  Also programmed with the NEW PANTONE Goe™System Color Range.

Can be used to mix up ANY PANTONE solid color.

You are guided through the addition of the base inks by a progress bar, and can then use the weight indicator for the precise amount.  Should you leave out any of the bases, or not be within tolerances, you will be warned before you quit the mixing sequence.

As with all PANTONE Formula Scales, you simply select the PANTONE Color you want to mix, enter the quantity, then put a container onto the weigh pan and step through the mixing sequence. The scales will compute the exact amounts of each of the base inks required, and warn you of any potential problems.

Context sensitive information is available at the touch of a button, so you can easily check a formula, the quantities of base inks required or the progress of the mix. You can also select from a number of options, including a choice to work in kg or lbs.

The PANTONE Formula Scale 3 builds on the success of the classic PANTONE Formula Scale, proven by thousands of printers throughout the world to be the best way to accurately mix up PANTONE colors, with the latest technology providing a host of advanced features.



  • 10lb capacity formula scale with large, backlit display and detailed information for ease-of-use
  • Easy to switch from US standard pounds to metric kilograms
  • Dual functionality provides either ink formulations or conventional weighing


  • Programmed with 2,678 current Pantone Colors
  • Provides high resolution and exact Pantone ink formulations for accurate results
  • Based on commonly-used and globally known PFS technology 


  • Indicator bar shows progress of each base ink addition
  • Provides easy to follow, clear step-by-step instructions
  • Save money by only mixing the amount of ink you need

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