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Item #: DE100
Reg. Price: $1,930.00 USD
Our Price: $1,725.00 USD
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Measures Density and Gray Balance (including Difference)

Automatic Color Recognition

Automatic Paper White Recognition

Absolute/Relative White Base


Press operators, production managers and quality control managers continually need to find cost-effective solutions to save time and money, yet ensure the quality and stability of their print jobs.  The X-Rite DensiEye 100 provides a high speed, high level of automation and accuracy at a very affordable price.


The DensiEye 100 includes basic Density Control functionality and can be upgraded to a DensiEye 700 via passcode whenever your needs require more functionality.


Helps speed press make-ready and points out errors before they get out of control, making it a cost effective addition to any pressroom running CMYK jobs.  If you'd like to calculate your return-on-investment (ROI) on a densitometer, click here to try out X-Rite's handy ROI calculator.


Fast Measurements

Highest measurement response on the market - save critical time, especially when measuring multiple ink zones.  This device is fully automated for direct visual access to the most commonly used functions without even pressing a key.  The clear Pass/Fail Indicator (PFI) provides quick results and lets you move on to the next measurement.  There is no need to even look at the display unless the PFI alarm flashes.


Easy to Use

The exceptional ergonomics and user-friendly interface provide all information in your preferred language with easy to see density readings.  With its fully automated functions and clear pass/fail indicator, the DensiEye 100 requires only basic know-how about print quality control from the operator. 


Energy Efficient

The DensiEye 100 is equipped with LED technology for low power consumption and is capable of up to 500,000 measurements per battery set.  This means less maintenance and fewer battery replacements, so it is ready to work when you are.  Easily communicates with any PC through the USB port.


Customize your Instrument

Specify your density standard (Status E or T), with or without a polarization filter and standard aperture (3mm) or small aperture (1.6mm).


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Measurement Functions:

Density (incl. Difference) and Gray Balance (incl. Difference)

Automatic Color Recognition

Automatic Paper White Recognition

Density Calibration

Pass/Fail Indicator Light

Corrective Advice

Absolute/Relative White Base


Reference Sets:

6 (incl. Solids, Dot Gain, Gray Balance)





Measurement Geometry:

45/0 degrees





Measurement Aperture:

3mm Standard or 1.6mm Small (optional)


Polarization Filter:

With or without


Density Standards (Filter Sets):

Status I, E, or T (according to ISO 5-3)


Measurement Range:

0.00 - 3.00 D



+/- 0.01 D or +/- 1%



0.00 - 2.50 D: +/- 0.01 D or +/- 1% max.

2.50 - 3.00 D: +/- 0.03 D or +/- 3% max.


Inter instrument agreement:

+/- 0.02 D or +/- 2%


Measurement Time:

0.5 seconds


Data Interface:



Power Supply:

Batteries, (2) Alkaline 1.5V, size AA


Measurements per Battery Set:




50 x 75 x 175 mm (2 x 3 x 7 inches)



400 grams



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