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Item #: 508
Reg. Price: $2,945.00 USD
Our Price: $2,649.99 USD
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Polarization Filter  
UV Filter  
1 Year Service Contract  
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The X-Rite 508 Spectrodensitometer brings the newest color control technology to a device designed specifically for basic 4-color reproduction.

Spectral technology gives the X-Rite 508 unmatched performance in monitoring basic quality control for process color print jobs. The unit goes anywhere to quickly measure common density and dot functions.

Ideal for:
* basic commercial applications
* publication packaging
* newspaper printing
* basic prepress applications

It measures GATF proofing bars, QuarkXPress® color bars, Ugra/Fogra color control elements and other quality control targets used during the prepress process.

Color Reflection Densitometer - Ideal for Newspapers
X-Rite added specialized 4-color newsprint functions aboard the X-Rite 508 to ensure color accuracy and consistency across press runs and over time. These include newsprint-specific density functions and gray balance. The X-Rite 508 achieves precise color quality control with newsprint and inserts by simultaneously measuring the densities of cyan, magenta, and yellow in a special News mode. Simply measure a three-color gray bar, masthead, banner, weather map, or another color element. The X-Rite 508 instantly informs you whether any of the colors need adjusting.

When selecting your filter option, you must choose EITHER UV OR POLARIZATION. You cannot order a unit with both UV and POLARIZATION filters.



Comes With:
Calibration Reference
Getting Started Guide
CD Operator’s Manual
Battery Pack/Charger
AC Adapter
Carrying Case
Three Year Warranty

User Interface
Sharp/Reversible Display
Left- and right-hand operation
Interactive Menu and Key System
Clear recognition of function when measuring
Auto Color Select
High Resolution LCD Display
Multiple Language Support
Calibration Alert feature
Lock out of specified functions
Lock out of configuration menu
Security Cable (optional)
Density Features
Density (absolute or minus paper)
Density Difference (16 reference values)
Dot Area (Tone Value)
Dot Gain with Triple Reference
Newspaper Mode
Selectable User Configuration
(US, Euro, NewsBalance, News3-Color)
Selectable Status Response
(T, E, I, A, G, Tx, Ax, Ex, Hi-Fi)

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