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Are hardened inks clogging the cells in your all-important anilox rolls? The superior Ani-Gel Anilox Roll Cleaning Gel is a highly concentrated anilox cleaner with a powerful blend of safe solvents and active soaps. This will provide the ultimate in periodic cleaning of your anilox rolls.


Use this anilox cleaner product periodically and when all else fails. See the fast results as it effortlessly dissolves the most stubborn flexo ink away in seconds. Simply apply gel to your anilox roll at 100% concentrated form, let it sit and soak into the roll, then gently rub it on the anilox roll and rinse away with water or solvent. Watch the old, dried ink melt away. Try some today!



Use Strong & Safe Ani-Gel anilox roll cleaner at full strength for in-press or off-press cleaning of ceramic or chrome anilox rolls.


Cleans and removes dried water-based inks, UV cured inks, solvent-based inks, adhesives, coatings and varnishes from any chrome or ceramic anilox roll. Simply apply gel, let it soak for a couple minutes, rinse with water or solvent and wipe clean. One of our best Anilox Roll Cleaners.



Water-based water soluble formula, Appearance: clear gel-type viscous liquid, pumice and abrasive free, Odor: minimal, pH (concentrate): 10.25, Total % VOC: 5%



Readily biodegradable, environmentally-friendly, pH stable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-combustible, non-fuming, not Sara 313 listed, non-flammable, no flashpoint, no fire hazard, 0-flammability rating, non-ozone depleting, and low-aquatic toxicity. Contains no chlorinated solvents, no petroleum distillates, no EPA Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP), no carcinogens, and no marine pollutants. Product contains no ingredient that causes carcinogenic effects, mutagenic effects, teratogenic effects, or developmental toxicity. Passes plate compatibility testing.


NFPA rating Health (NFPA): 1, Flammability: 0, Reactivity: 0.

HMIS rating Health(HMIS): 1, Flammability: 0, Reactivity: 0.

HS Tariff code: 2909.49.60.00