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The Perfect Solution For A Dirty Problem

Anilox Roll Cleaner for Water Based, UV, and Solvent Inks.


Before and After Views - Anilox Roll Cleaned with CeramClean II

THE Anilox Roll Cleaner - CeramClean II - will effectively & efficiently remove dried ink from the engraving without damaging the cell structure on ceramic and chrome cylinders. It will remove Water, UV and most Solvent based inks and in most instances will remove those tough stains found on the roll face.


CeramClean II cleaner may be used on gravure and chrome cylinders providing the same fantastic results.


CeramClean II is an excellent stain remover. It can also be used as a supplemental cleaning tool for removing stains or un-cleaned spots on anilox rolls after cleaning on various machine systems.


CeramClean II is now available in 3 versions/viscosities. All are the same exact formula but they come in different consistencies:


  • Original (thick)
  • Paste (gel)
  • Pourable (pourable liquid)


Testimonial from a User:


"CeramClean ll is the first product of many we've tried that immediately makes a night and day difference.The ink density can be quickly restored on the anilox rolls with very minimal effort. Before, we were not certain if the anilox engraving was worn or just plugged. With CeramClean ll we can now find out immediately. Hence,this product adds to the profits. Nothing compares to the Ceramclean ll."




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