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24 Inch Beta Video Ruler


Beta’s popular range of electronic rulers now have a PC and a Video interface for even easier operation and increased functionality.

The camera added to the rulers digital readout makes targeting a snap. Being able to see a ½ inch (12mm ) image means you only need to position the ruler head to somewhere in this image, and then use the on screen cursor to easily and accurately position to better than 0.1mm. 

Ideal for:

  • Verifying film lengths before making plates
  • Veryfying plate lengths before mounting on cylinders
  • Veryfying proofs
  • Analyzing registration variation
  • Bar-code width checks




  • The usual microscope is replaced by a ruler decoder/USB video/illumination system that rides on the slider.
  • A Windows application shows the view from the camera and allows the user to measure large objects (plate distortion, complete bar codes, die cuts, etc.) by clicking the mouse on the leading edge, mov ing the slider, and clicking on the trailing edge. No precise movement of the slider is required, just get the edge in the field of view on the monitor.
  • Small objects that fit within the field of view (register error, width of a bar code element, character height, etc) are measured directly in x and y on-screen with a click and drag.
  • System resolution is 0.001 inches and 0.01 millimeters while maintaining a large field of view of about a half
  • inch.
  • The ruler is turned up on edge eliminating the bending and change in focus when the operator touches the
  • microscope.
  • There is no need to read the ruler display directly or touch the buttons.


  • Allows precise, non-contact measurements of large and small distances on films, plates, dies, and prints.
  • Independent metrology lab certification available as an extra cost option




Move the cursor easily over
the magnified image rather than moving the entire
optical system. Shadow-free illumination is provided by
the LED and light guide system. Process and Spot Color
enhancement / separation provided for improved
contrast and visibility.


All optical, video, and electronic
systems are built into the compact
digital encoder. Windows software

provides image and data viewing,
capture, and calibration.




SMALL DETAILS - Measure the height
and width of objects that fit entirely
within the field of view by clicking on the
corner and dragging a line to the
diagonally opposite corner. The x and y
dimensions appear in the Local display.



LARGE OBJECTS - Place the cursor
and click at the start with the Set Zero
Reference. Slide the digital encoder
over the width of the object and place
the cursor at the end point to calculate
the length in the Global display.






contrast and visibility of process and spot

colors by using the Separation feature.

This yellow pattern is nearly impossible to

see. Select Yellow from the Separation




HIGH CONTRAST - The video signal is
electronically color separated and
enhanced to make the original pattern
visible and eliminate the visual



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