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Techkon RS 800
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Item #: TK-RS800
Reg. Price: $11,000.00 USD
Our Price: $10,450.00 USD
  (min 1)

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The compact Techkon RS 800 Scan-Densitometer revolutionizes automatic measurements of densities and dot gains on any print control strip, color wedge and test chart. Operation is easy: The ergonomically-designed measurement device fits securely in your hand. Quickly glide it over the print test strip. The different measuring fields and their position on the control strip are automatically recognized. Tracking wheels on the bottom of the device ensure a secure and straight run.  On large-format print sheets, the device is slid along a guiding track.


The high measurement rate of eight measurements per millimeter guarantees accurate measuring results - even with very small color patches.


The Techkon RS 800 is specially designed for measuring spot colors thanks to its high-resolution spectral engine and is ideal for measuring the Fogra media wedge. It can also be used as a standard hand-held device for single measurements. Just position over the color patch and depress the measuring key. Measuring on printing plates is just as easy.


Techkon's ExPresso Pro software is included with your purchase of an RS 800.

It is designed for analyzing and displaying measurements of spot colors.  (Requires an available serial port.)


Frequently Asked Questions


Which printing presses and printing formats does the system support?

There is no limitation in type or size of printing presses.


Which print control strips can be used?

Any color bar will work. It may be necessary to edit the sequence of the measurement fields.  This is a task which is easy to do and only has to be done once.


What are the advantages of the Techkon TCS print control strips?

The TCS print control strips have measurement patches for solid density in each ink zone.  Additionally, they supply all the necessary information for dot area, 40 and 80%, gray balance, ink trapping, slur and doubling.


What are the system requirements for the Techkon ExPresso Pro softwar?

MS Windows 98, 2000 or XP will work.  To connect the device a serial RS 232 port is needed and for the security key (dongle) a parallel port is required.  USB dongles are available upon request.


Comes with:

Calibration Chart

Power Pack

Data Cable

Carrying Case

Manual Guidance Track

Windows ExPresso Pro software




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